After some relaxing runs in December and spending time in normal for some trinkets, we decided to kick it up a notch and clear HC in a night at Wednesday’s reset, just before the holiday season. With the first Coven kill on Monday we started a fresh run and found ourselves back at the Coven at 21:45.

Wiped once and killed them again after the 2nd pull. Main tank Cirila left the raid at 22:00 due to sickness and we had to face 2 new bosses with 1 hour on the clock to beat Antorus HC before the new year.

Agrammar pull 1: find spawn spots of adds and get used to it.
Agrammar pull 2: handle adds properly and push to phase 2.
Agrammar pull 3: practice makes perfect and make phase 3.
Agrammar pull 4: kill. #EZ

At 22:30 we arrived at mr. Argus himself. Broke down tactics and strats over Discord and what do you know…? 1 shot. 15 minutes left on the raid clock and cleared Antorus HC!

Thanks for the great run all. Have a great holiday season and a happy new year. 2018 will start with Antorus mythic.