A week ago already, but no time to post it yet, we cleared the heroic version of the Emerald Nightmare. Without our infamous raid leader Wabi, who was sipping cocktails in Portugal, we went in. Lefox, trying to lead the raid instead, expected a night of wiping after the first pull. Not even getting to 85% we had half the raid dead cause of the thorns flying everywhere but where they were supposed to fly.

Second pull we had a bit more control but lacked focused derps, hence getting a second add at the transition to phase 2. Lovely second wipe.

Third pull decided to use hero on the pull so Xavius was low and we had him low enough to prevent a second add. Face-rolled through phase 2 but got stone walled in phase 3, no heroism, remember.

Fourth pull, decided to save hero for a while and learn the encounter a bit better to focus derps in phase 1 so we could use hero in phase 3. Made it through phase 1, just a single add, lost some derps in phase 2 and called a wipe.

Fifth pull, flawless phase 1, flawless phase 2, popped hero, flawless phase 3, kill. LAMEST. FINAL. BOSS. EVER.