Momentum Mori was created on April 28 2006 and is one of the oldest guilds on Dunemaul. Our glory days started at the end of vanilla and reigned for almost 5 years. During TBC and WOTLK we were one of the servers top guilds on alliance side (imo the undisputed top guild 🙂 ) with several Alliance first kills.

After that attendance dropped, life happened and all that kind of stuff. Lefox, guild master, was overthrown by a loyal officer named Diggler who preserved the guild, the bank, the name and most of the accounts.

At the end of MoP some old member including myself (Lefox) logged back into the game to check it out again. Within 5 minutes 2 other long time members who stopped for over 5 years logged in. That sparked the flame and more players have been coming back and joining our ranks.

We raid 2 nights a week from 20:00 till 23:00 server time and play (mostly) for fun and the content. Progress and PHAT LEWTZ is a nice bonus in the process. At the start of Legion we decided to raid normal and heroic and stick with it.

“Heroic is good enough” – Unkown officer


Nighthold was a burn out, we stuck with heroics too long and attendance dropped fast nearing the release of ToS. After our 4 heroic clears in ToS and a little summer break we decided to try mythic raiding more serious in a relaxed manner. No extra raid day, not raiding after 23:00, not composing the ultimate setup (fekking melee heavy always 😉 ), just with common sense.

That gave 5 boss kills in about 13 raids (some we cancelled). Not too shabby. So let’s see where we’re headed next…