Legion is over for us

We made it passed Imonar 4 times for the quest to skip the bosses before him. But we will not make use of it. Time to slack in WoW has come with upcoming expansion and beautiful weather outside.

We had a great run in Legion. Overall the content felt under tuned which forced us to start raiding mythic to keep things interesting. Besides our fuzz with the crucible thingy we really turned out to be a solid team. Below is a copy of my post in Discord. For you who missed that.

Stay in touch via our Discord and/or website and we’ll see each other in Battle for Azeroth. Or in real life as there is some talk of meetups here and there! So have fun upcoming months and see you August 14th!

—————————— This is it ——————————

I guess this is it for us. Even though we did not reach our real wall in
Antorus mythic yet, we have hit another. Another invisible wall that was
inevitably going to hit us.

The end of Legion (raiding) has come for us.

It seems boredom is kicking in by some, others have some real life stuff
to attend to. Now, without anything to look forward to in Legion, it
seems like a great time to let WoW slack a bit.

And that is okay. Legion #done

The upcoming weeks are looking grim to fill raids and with the summer it
will not be easier. So that’s why we decided to call it now, ahead of the
disappointment and frustration of turning up for a raid, waiting 30 mins
and not raid at all.

I want to thank all of you for a great expansion. And the will to start
raiding mythic. Thanks to all the new members we gained during the
course of this expansion.

I hope to see you all back in BfA so we can have a blast there. For now,
enjoy the summer, enjoy life, relax, don’t burn out. And stay in touch
with everyone on this Discord and via our website.

Thanks again guys!